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Value Proposition

An important question Open Boundaries gets asked many times is “What’s the value proposition of Cloud GPU virtualization?” The value proposition comes from the virtualization technology and the NVIDIA Virtual Graphics cards or GPU’s.


Having the ability to flex the capacity & performance per graphics card, depending on project or workflow, allows the agility and efficiencies to be maximized – making your renderings, 3D models & simulations seamless.


GPU Continuity is going to be the new paradigm in the future.




Using VDI, RDP, PCoIP & Web browsers technologies, include the infrastructure providers – AWS, Google, Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure, all changes the way we will carry out our business, projects and daily lives. You could say we now live in a disposable GPU compute world as business models out there allow us to spin up and depose of GPU compute instantly.


You can start to see the narrative to our Cloud GPU Business Continuity Assurance Subscription.


As part of the subscription, Open Boundaries can spin up GPU Virtual machines via a template at any required moment, giving users access to disposable GPU compute. Cloud GPU Continuity is going to be the new paradigm for AEC, Creative Media and Design Industries.


Always have a virtual workstation available or deactivate when finished.

This not only means keeping on working if the unexpected happens but having access to Cloud GPU compute at any time, where ever your location. Being able to start that all-important creative project when you want and turning  CAPEX projects into OPEX efficient and profitable operations
Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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