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Security is the top conversation when it comes to Cloud technology and data being stolen or hacked. Therefore, there are still a large percentage of businesses still not quite ready to move their entire company to the Cloud and why should they?



How can we give partners, projects & teams the security needed for their data? With the Cloud GPU Business Continuity Assurance Subscription our data centre partners have put in place the security assurance.




We strive to put the security in place for our users to give the safety net needed.


Dedicated Private Networks are available to individuals and team accounts. The private network provides logical segregation from other Open Boundaries customers. This feature enables all machines and drives belonging to individuals / Teams to communicate with each other. Private networking is required for certain features, including Shared drives and Site-Site VPNs.



VPN Gateways can be attached to your Private Network, establishing a site-to-site VPN tunnel. This enables two-way communication between your machines and devices in your office or third-party site. A VPN Gateway is required for certain functionality such as integrating with an Active Directory Domain Controller outside of your Private Network.



Protecting against theft and loss of data:



Our data centre partners unique ‘Zero local storage’ model is the most secure virtual desktop delivery system available. Since endpoints only render pixels streamed from a data centre, information within the virtual environment cannot be extracted (from either machines or shared drives). Our zero local storage policy is enforced on all platforms (web, desktop, mobile) regardless of device.


Security / Certification


Network Security:


    • Ensuring the secure transport of data
    • Will be the most secure machine on that network.
    • “100% network isolation.”
    • Configurable firewall 
    • Encrypted channel from VPN to VPN (IPSec /OpenVPN encrypted channel between Our partners DC and your offices)
    • 802.1q VLANs, this dedicated connection can be partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces



Partners Data center Standards and Compliance:


  • Protecting and monitoring corporate servers
  • Our data centres employ a variety of security mechanisms, including strict access policies plus secure vaults and cages.
  • Our partners data centres are ISO and SSAE16 compliant (certified by independent auditors and third-party organizations).
  • Our data centres employ 24×7 on-site security including personnel, biometric scanners, motion detection, a badge access system and closed-circuit video monitoring.
  • Access to areas containing corporate servers is restricted to authorized personnel via elevated roles granted through the badge access system.
  • Uninterruptible power and backup systems as well as fire / flood detection and prevention
  • Mobile and Device Security policy is enforced on all platforms (web, desktop, mobile) regardless of device.
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