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Scalability is key to Designers, Architects, Engineers and the Construction industry, with a large percentage of the architects and engineers working on one or more projects at a time.


Being able to allocate Cloud GPU virtual workstations when required for every project is the working way of the future.






Being able to access dedicated Cloud GPU continuity workstations for every project with the ability to scale for the number of partners involved is crucial. For example, a single architect or engineer might be part of, or run, five or six projects at a time.



Instead of having data spread in different locations, stored on a super doopa laptops. (which is a security risk itself if lost) all that’s needed is a Google chrome book!




Passwords for each individual GPU Virtual Workstation, give the ability to collaborate with external partners and the supply chain involved, from a central cloud location, with X number of workstations for teams, securely in real time.




Being able to allocate Cloud GPU virtual machines when required for every project is becoming the new way of working, making the project OPEX efficient, cost effective and more profitable.



The ability to allocate GPU workstations when required for projects.



The second part of Scalability which is key to  running 3D intensive graphics applications in the Cloud, is being able to scale resource, for example, CPU, RAM, along with the frame buffer to each GPU machine, depending on project user needs and the data set size in use .



Our Cloud GPU Continuity Virtual Workstation subscription comes with a dedicated NVIDIA Graphics card with the Cuda Cores enabled per user, with CPU and RAM, that can be changed upon request.




Knowing what resources each graphics application requires is important and knowing whether the application is certified to run with any GPU technology. If not tested or certified, this could mean a loss in user experience, with degradation to the software application. An example of this is Autodesk Revit, which has only become GPU enabled since Revit 2018, having previously been CPU intensive due to being Building Information Modelling software.
Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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