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Why is Cloud GPU Continuity equal to Productivity? Both are key to any business, but especially industries using high performance 2D / 3D CAD & BIM, intensive graphics applications.



There are many individuals, teams and partners working on different projects if not the same projects in different geographical locations with companies all needing to access the same data.



Open Boundaries Cloud GPU continuity is key to your creative productivity.



Creative professionals all need access to the same data or the same Revision of drawings. Keeping everyone on the same page is a real challenge. The ability to access Cloud GPU Continuity Virtual Workstations on demand is crucial. This increases efficiency and productivity by reducing risks to projects when there is an IT breach or outage allowing the users to push on with projects in any scenario.


What makes this cool? We live in a world where we can centralize and control our data so we can collaborate and be a productive workforce. This can be achieved through Citrix Sharefile, OneDrive, G-Drive, Dropbox, etc.



Together with scalability, the words extra capacity are used when it comes to Architecture and Engineering design Projects. Sometimes they will need to on board new people or partners that might not be in a near by location to travel or have the infrastructure to carry out extra works. Providing them with the tools and infrastructure to carry out their talents or professions is a must for real end user experience.


Have Extra capacity in motion with our Cloud virtualised graphics workstations giving your team the productivity needed for large projects


The upside of Cloud GPU Business Continuity Assurance is, that resource can be ready to go in advance, keeping the whole project and extra costs of on boarding new people and infrastructure, agile with an OPEX friendly cost structure.


Pay only for the Cloud GPU Continuity workstation when running, knowing your Cloud GPU subscription keeps your data and GPU machines assured ready to GO.


Open Boundaries see this as part of a new way of working, by making sure people and partners have resources required to deliver instantly and increasing the productivity level.
Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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