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Flexibility to scale GPU Machines can save your Business using Continuity Assurance Subscription!


Flexibility is not just about working on projects on any device, anywhere, this is a given when working in a virtual environment as this comes under the mobility banner.



Flexibility is about being able to access dedicated GPU power instantly, knowing you always have the safety net for your designers.


To be able to subscribe to a service, then be sent a login to start your creative process rapidly, with the assurance you have a Cloud GPU virtual workstation, along with a Template and snapshot of the virtual machine including storage all bundled together in a subscription service might be the answer.

Open Boundaries can take your Continuity Flexibility for Cloud GPU Workstations, from X to 0 Instantly


Buying your time up front puts the customer in control of their hourly usage of the dedicated virtual GPU machine, with the ability to shut it down and come back to the machine anytime and not be charged. Or Deactivate the workstation if its not required, with the continuity subscription in place to come back to and spin up a clone of your virtual Cloud GPU workstation for your next creative project.


Can flexibility of scale save your business?


NVIDIA Cloud Virtual GPU technology might have made a difference back in 2008 2009 when the crash happened. AEC companies along with many others, might not have had to make so many talented people unemployed. Companies were left with large assets of hardware and desktop workstations lying dormant which was a huge CAPEX cost to the business.


Build them up and knock them down when required for every project or team. What an OPEX cost saving business model.


If businesses were using virtualization or NVIDIA vGPU technology, it might have been a different story.
Businesses might have been working productively, collaborating on Google Chrome books or Raspberry Pie connected to a large 4K monitors, accessing infrastructure from big data centre players like AWS, EC2, Alibaba, Google and Azure.


With access to Cloud GPU Continuity Worksations Assurance, AEC Businesses and many others to mention would have been able to adjust their capacity from X Virtual Workstations to 0 instantly and stop cash flowing out of their businesses.


Flexibility really does equal profitability and sustainability.


Is this the definition of flexibility in the modern end user computing world. 

Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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