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Design & Engineering Virtual Workstation

£50.00 Ex VAT / month

Design & Engineering:

Cloud GPU Continuity Workstation


Design & Engineering:

  • £50 Per User / Per Month

  • Hourly Usage (When Activated)

  • 1 Hour Auto - Shutdown active

    • The Machine must be idle: This means no applications running and no active connections to the Workstation
  • Dedicated Quadro 24GB GPU Card Per User

  • 3840 Cuda Cores “Enabled”

  • 12 TFLOPS

  • 30 GB RAM

  • 8 x vCPU

  • 250 GB SSD Storage

  • Cloud GPU  Template

  • X1 Snap Shot Per Month


If you 're not sure whether to Buy,  hit below for a 2 Hour Get Inspired Live Demo.
Get Inspired Live Demo


Our GPU Continuity Cloud Store offers Extra resource required for any Individual or Team working on visual 3D projects in a virtual environment.

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Our Partners

Here are some of the companies we are
currently working with:
Autodesk Nvidia Citrix