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BIM & CAD Virtual Training

Maintaining an up to date and flexible training business is a capital-intensive affair and getting more difficult to manage all the time.



With changing training trends and pressures, increasing use of on-line resources – your own and YouTube – and delegates preferences for BYOD and in-house shorter training courses it’s easy to conclude that the laptop fleet needs expansion while the training facilities are becoming less efficient.


“How to turn this apparent lose-lose scenario into a win-win result?”


Using Open Boundaries, you can indulge in Cloud Dedicated Virtual GPU Instances that deliver a seamless design application experience to anyone, anywhere in the UK on any device! With more customers preferring onsite training it’s time to mobilize your instructors – or is it?


“Let’s say – you send all your instructors to client’s premises – but logistics are a nightmare – there aren’t enough laptops!”


When you need more capacity for your laptop fleet either buy a low-end laptop or ask your clients to supply their own! You only rent our custom configured Cloud GPU virtual desktops when you have a paying client. Turn up at your client, connect to their Wi-Fi, login to your dedicated cloud GPU Pre-configured desktops and start the lesson. Ideally each delegate should have access to 1.5 MB bandwidth minimum.


Alternatively, some of your instructors stay behind and conduct remote live training sessions either with customer delegates on customer premises or geographically distributed individual trainers working from home.


Not only are you working your assets harder you’re delivering the sort of flexibility of BIM & CAD training your customers yearn for! Suddenly the tables are turned – No Capex dilemma just a limited instructor problem!


Instead of replacing your classroom hardware with desktop workstations or high spec laptops, provide low spec laptops and /or ask delegates to BYOD – rent our custom persistent Cloud GPU configured Virtual Workstations only for the number of delegates and number of days they are required and when clients are using them.


And a final bonus – the constituency of individuals who would like BIM & CAD training but aren’t part of a large client, are geographically distant from your facility, can join a live class either being held at your / VAR facility or a client’s premises. Brought back into the fold by Open Boundaries Cloud GPU Virtual BIM & CAD training Instances


“Revenue you’ve missed for years!”


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Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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