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Visual Effects:


So what is VFX. Visual effects takes place when images or films are created and manipulated for the film or gaming industry. Visual Effects come under different categories:



  • Simulation FX

  • Animation

  • Modelling

  • Matte painting

  • Compositing


VFX designers expect a seamless user experience, so low latency is absolutely essential along with the ability to access large amounts of RAM, CPU &  Storage.



Now VFX can really take advantage of the Cloud with the ability to scale for infrastructure. Taking advantage of  Cuda & Tensor Cores of the QUADRO Technology from NVIDIA.




Open Boundaries Continuity Assurance Subscription allows the VFX designers to take advantage of having virtual GPU workstations available to Go at any time. With their predefined template ready to scale to users required for the teams, along with access to large shared SSD drives and dedicated NVIDIA Quadro Cards Per User, they are able to run ISV applications like Autodesk 3dMAX,  Arnold , Adobe creative suite, Cinema 4D & Unity.


Cost Effective Simple Pricing:


The OPEX way of working is extremely cost effective for VFX Freelancers as it gives them the ability to take advantage of High Performance Accelerated GPU cloud computing for short term projects, with the ability to shutdown when projects are completed, knowing they can always go back when needed again.









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