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Get your design and engineering-based students out of the lab and into the real world on low cost devices. Save on expensive lab equipment, lab space and staff; allow students to use affordable devices; eliminate E waste in owning high powered computing centres!




Design, Engineering, Architecture university courses all require the student to have adequate hardware – so just when life is getting very expensive with fees and living costs there’s an additional burden of a laptop that’s high spec. Some establishments provide a bursary to help students to afford such a machine, others don’t. Then there’s the infrastructure required to accommodate all these designers working student hours.



Virtualization has been introduced on many campuses with attendant capital costs and ongoing maintenance costs to mitigate these difficulties. However, if you can’t afford this Capex and still want to assist your students then Cloud based machines are the option.



Student outlay is now minimized, no bursary required, no virtualization program required. Your costs become more controlled, students can work from anywhere on a £200 Chrome book, relieving pressure on teaching labs and no specialized design labs are required.
Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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