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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Technology is becoming more prominent in the digital era we live in. Technologies from Lecia BLK360, Trimble and the new kid on the block; Matterport. 3D Scanning technology enables industries to get accurate measurements to sub millimeter accuracy.



A single laser scan can provide rich detail to either a room or building. In some cases this can be used with drone technology to get spectacular and accurate details preventing safety hazards to workers, which equals far fewer risks.



The biggest loss of productivity for the guys out there in the field using the above equipment is having to go back to base to up load files, which can be up to 1GB in size. This all takes time, without connecting the data / images together to get the information – measurements needed.


Up loading large data has always been an issue, but with the introduction of 5G  and the accessibility to Cloud GPU Continuity Workstations  Via subscription, these gaps in productivity should start to close up, thus enabling engineers and surveyors to scan – upload and connect data all in a single GPU accelerated Cloud.














Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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