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15 April, 2020

Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials

The recent alarming – if true – predictions about climate change leading to the extinction of many species in the next 50 years has made us all think a bit more clearly about our individual and corporate impact on the climate.



For years there have been many ways to reduce our individual and corporate contributions to Global warming but until we hear about the near term catastrophic consequences it’s all been someone else’s issue. Now it’s probably time to take affirmative action – and it’s easier than you think!



However not all the signs are promising. Only in the last week or so a blog was published stating that 73% of businesses are returning their Apps back to On-Premises. This is a shocking statistic, when we live in the world of trying to lower our carbon foot print by using GCP, AWS & Azure to stream line our business productivity.



Google as now reached 100% renewable energy for their global operations. “Congratulations!” This includes Microsoft who also are 100% powered by renewable electricity in its global operations.




Do businesses realise the carbon foot print – trash they’re leaving behind by building On-Premises environments, which are instantly out of date once purchased. What is really sad we have invented the term Hybrid Cloud Architecture to make it sound it’s OK to use both Cloud and On-Premises, as if this is OK?



Are we going back to the Iron Age?  Maybe we are and this is may be due to security remaining the biggest factor when using Cloud. Other factors are User experience and Cost, both these are connected.



When talking about user experience and costs with potential clients their instant reply is they can buy a desktop machine for the amount it costs them to have a years subscription. Yet they still must have the latest Apple Mac Book Pro. Do they really need both? Or are we sucked in by brand marketing.




The cloud is about obtaining the power and infrastructure when required to run projects for teams and contractors. Drag & Drop / Month to Month, with instant access to Virtual desktops, just by renewing the subscription.




To keep control of their costs their is a real simple solution. “Buying Time” which then puts a KPI on the project  – user and team, as they have a selected amount of time to complete. No more billing surprises.  #CustomerinControl




Our daily commute to the studio or office – along with hundreds of thousands of others – is a major contributor; so take the train or bus? No – they are expensive and full of other commuters; don’t go to the studio at all – and why not?



They don’t have the workstation and all the files available at home? That reason has long since vanished!  #RemoteWorking




With Open Boundaries you can now subscribe monthly to a Cloud based GPU  Desktop and take control of your own costs with enough grunt to satisfy even the most graphics intense 3D application used on any device – within reason – from anywhere with a modicum of bandwidth. It can be home, the gym, the local coffee shop, clients premises or Hot desking facilities.





You can share all the relevant project files using any of the proprietary applications or put them in our Cloud with your other team members machines. Everyone wins – as well as the endangered species! No more wasted hours of commuting, traffic reduces, trains empty a bit, less pollution is produced, work life balance tips towards life. #GreenCredentials




So why aren’t governments putting in large fibre infrastructure throughout the UK, to enable all of us to become greener, self-sufficient and sustainable in our businesses and not be building On-Premises Architecture?




The truth is that they have been – or rather OpenReach has been contracted to complete it. As ever with large infrastructure projects the task and resource required has changed as the project has proceeded, so it’s running late and over budget.



And like some of the canal building projects in the mid 19th century, technology and expectations have moved on from the start of the project. Many canal projects were abandoned as railways were built along the same route and made them redundant. With fibre infrastructure however the basic technology is the same, it is the destination that has changed.


So when fibre has reached either your local junction box, kerbside or building you too can take advantage of working from home or a local hot desking facility.



The business benefits – in addition to saving the environment – start immediately! Eventually the need for studios and offices will diminish as fewer astute workers choose to continue the commute so smaller premises with smaller rents will be used, commuting will be reduced, intern reducing every ones carbon footprint. But you can start now, improving your quality of life and making your contribution to saving the planet.



Indulge yourself with Open Boundaries Cloud GPU Business Continuity Assurance Subscription bringing efficiency and green credentials to your business keeping the costs close.


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