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Cloud Workstation Subscription FAQ

What is a Cloud Workstation?


  • The Managed Cloud Workstation Subscription Assures our customers they will always have a Workstation in the Cloud 24 / 7 / 365



Test / Demo?

  • If you require a demo? please buy the subscription and if it does not come up to scratch, ask for a refund. As per EU law, Open Boundaries will  refund you within 14 days of purchase if the product is not satisfactory


When can I Cancel my Subscription?

  • Anytime










GPU Business Continuity assurance means that if the unexpected should happen to your device there will always be a GPU Virtual Workstation available in the cloud Ready to Go! If the virtual GPU instances fails, we have the original template and Snapshot’s taken as part of your subscription to create a copy instantly.
Once you have completed these steps: Create Account; Choose your Cloud Virtual Workstations / subscriptions; Add user to each virtual workstation / extra user if needed; You will then receive a mail in your inbox to launch the virtual machine;
Yes: See below • How does Auto shutdown work? Auto-shutdown feature is active with our GPU subscription. The virtual machine is set to power off after being idle for 1 hour. This is part of the subscription for our users as this will safeguard against leaving their machines on by mistake. The criteria for auto-shutdown is that the machine is IDLE, meaning that there are NO applications running and no active connections to the desktop. This Means all browser tabs and App windows must be closed.
The requirement is 15 Mbps download speed and less than 40 ms of latency. Check your speed on our our site before purchasing. "Speed test"
Windows VMs: Drag and Drop: Small files. Drag a file on top of virtual window and it will upload to your virtual machine's. This method is NOT recommended for large files (2Gb or above) and is only supported on Windows VMs. USB If you have files stored on another device, you can connect it via USB. USB redirection is available with the app for Windows and Mac. Third-Party: You can also use most third-party syncing or storage providers to access or move files to and from GPU virtual machines. • Cloud storage: Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Google Cloud,G-drive or Box • BTSync or Resilio have also been used and suggested by users
Multi-monitor display is available in the native app "Add Monitor" from the Cog (Top Right Corner) / menu while inside your VM, which will launch a secondary display window from your VM. While you can enable the second monitor in your browser, there are some limitations to multi-monitor display on browsers due to inherent limitations in web browser technology.
The minimum number of cloud virtual Workstations needed for Open Boundaries to setup a Virtual Private Network is 10 Virtual GPU machines Per Account.
Please contact our Help / support to deactivate your machine. As we will un-assign your users first before you deactivate your virtual machines.
We recommend using the Native App for a better (UX) user experience as recommended by previous users.
Chrome - Full support. NB: 64bit versions of all supported browsers are preferred.
Be sure to Shutdown your virtual machine completely to avoid running down your bought time. (We have activated (1 Hour) Auto shutdown to try and prevent this from happening) Please also see FAQ’s on Auto Shutdown. (Shut Down: The Cog in the top right-hand corner of VM). If your machine is off for the entire month, you'll only pay the monthly subscription to keep your virtual GPU workstation, Storage, Template & Snapshot bundle active.
The payment for the subscription will be taken from your card the same date you signed up every month.
The native app is available for Windows, Mac. "Touchscreen support is coming soon." Note: The native app runs on 64-bit systems only GPU Virtual Machines spec
It really depends on what’s the project / file size / workflow. We recommend you get inspired and take a short 2 Hour test drive to find your best fit.
• I am assuming Cloud Workstations come fully setup with Windows.? YES • What version of Windows is Pre-installed? The Cloud Workstations are Win Server 2019, which just looks and feels like Windows 10, but you can (BYOL) bring your own Windows 10 or 7 licenses along
We will assign and remove users from the VM’s for you. NB: Once you have set up an account and go through the subscription process you can invite individual users for each GPU machine and also add extra users to go with each machine.
"4K" But the display resolution is dependent on your monitor, is automatically set and cannot be modified.



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