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Cloud Hosted vGPU Desktops


Cloud Hosted GPU Virtual Desktops


Our private Cloud Hosted virtual GPU Desktop solution is bespoke to every client and their requirements. This is about building out what the client requires by asking the correct questions then building a wire frame of this data from the answers.



This builds a picture for a user case of types and amounts of each applications, hardware capacity, flexibility within the business and special requirements, like Co-location of their own data server along with central storage for all to access.


We can then move to providing proof of concept (POC), providing administrative desktops & vGPU desktops to a selection of users within the client’s business, with the most common and intense applications selected to use in real time projects / user cases.  As the POC proceeds the hardware capacities and polices of virtual environment may change, so by gathering feedback from user experience in the virtual environment we can adapt sooner..


This is crucial as it makes the rest of the build easier to roll out in iterative stages, as every users needs are different. This whole process can be time consuming but delivers an agile and flexible bespoke desktop environment where employees can connect anywhere geographically on any device, giving all employees the option of remote working.


The benefits are huge to the business and each and every employee. #ChallengeUs



A great way of getting to know a GPU Virtual Machine is through our Continuity Assurance Subscription service, giving you a feel for the user experience when working with 3D Graphics applications in a virtual environment, before taking on a large virtual setup.


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