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So above we talked about the ability of design industries, teams and professionals accessing the latest data sets. Working on a Cloud GPU virtual environment allowing users to access and collaborate on large 3D CAD or BIM data sets anywhere across the UK and Europe on any device.

How do we access the data sets to collaborate with partners?

Accessing Cloud GPU virtual continuity Workstation subscription, we can give every business, team or individuals storage as well as a central storage point for the model data, which might act as a Revit Server giving all partners, teams and individuals access to model data. Individuals which make up a Team can be given a private network or VPN for each individual project.

We provide templates for every subscribers Cloud GPU virtual instant, so they can be replicated at any point.

Snap shots taken to go back to in any fatal set back or loss. The virtual Cloud GPU continuity workstations will always remain in the cloud once created until deactivated, with your template they’re at the ready for the next project.

As mentioned in the productivity section the centralisation of data is crucial. This is key to collaborating on the Cloud GPU Continuity workstations, for users working on a GPU virtual cloud. Getting the data from X to Y using shared cloud technology’s like CITRIX ShareFile, OneDrive, Drop Box, Google Drive.

This will be always a bug bare to the AEC industries including others as this is dead time, because we all don’t have great infrastructure in place. By Architectural, engineering and construction industries using applications like Autodesk BIM 360 then its loading and syncing times are dramatically quicker and reduces that dead time.

Which improves collaboration no matter where you are based in the country. Making this a great tool to work alongside your Cloud GPU continuity workstations.

Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 15 April, 2020
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