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13 September, 2019

Managed Cloud GPU Business Continuity Workstation Assurance Subscriptions: 24/7/365


The Future Paradigm




For some time Open Boundaries have been the ideator talking, blogging and using social media to push how virtual Graphics Processing technology, can transform creative lives.


  • Open Boundaries believe persistent dedicated GPU instance’s in the cloud should always be available.

  • The all important pieces must be bundled together, paying via a subscription for assured GPU instance to be their if X should ever happen.

  • Putting the customer in control, buying time up front for GPU instances. Instead of hourly or monthly billing.


Cloud GPU Business Continuity Workstation Assurance subscription is born



Designers can be dealing with several projects at once, so we needed to create individual machines, but be able to spin up teams quickly, thus give all team players access. We were able to do this by using templates for every chosen subscription, this enabled us to create teams efficiently



Start-ups, freelancers and small to medium size business are looking for cost effective ways of accessing Cloud GPU resource to run their High performance, 3D graphics applications, without having to have the IT Knowledge, know how or time to setup cloud GPU environments.



Giving Businesses GPU power at their fingertips, leading designers down the path of least resistance




To bring Cloud GPU Continuity Workstation Assurance Subscription to the forefront beyond Disaster Recovery, giving businesses and users access to instant GPU power without effort.



Ability to flex and scale GPU workstation assurance for individuals and teams via subscriptions in times of need, from a mobile or any device in advance of any team project, making for a new paradigm of the future.




By giving astute creative Designers the tools to act immediately is crucial. Cloud GPU Continuity Workstation Assurance subscription is not just about being able to carry on working if X happens. But being able to react anytime in an agile cost-effective manner without the expense of building out large environments




Is your business & designers looking to?


  • Open small offices in New geographical locations
  • Employing extra contractors who live in different locations
  • Cancel the month to month subscription with no wasted resource left behind   #Greencredentials
  • Collaborate & Run multiple projects, with Multiple teams or individuals on a private networks or VPN
  •  Respond quickly to extra project capacity for teams.
  • Replicate GPU workstations from Templates with all your apps ready to GO..!
  • Running large project workloads
  • Create a BIM cloud to access CDE Common Data Environment for (BIM) Level 2


Let Open Boundaries Cloud GPU Business Continuity Assurance Subscription serve your business, so you can serve others….


Please hit the buttons below for a Live Demo or if you feel this is something worth pursuing. Take a look at the options within the Indulge page and subscribe


If you have any feedback on the website or just have a few questions before making a decision please reach out to us.

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