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Managed Cloud GPU Business Continuity Assurance Subscription

Managed GPU Business Continuity Assurance Subscription enables individuals or teams to have access to Cloud 3D Graphics Workstations 24 /7 /365



All the essentials are bundled together. We can take a single template of an GPU workstation and scale to each team or project size. So you can have many teams – many projects running or in state ready to GO..!


How it Works: “In 5 Steps”


Create Open Boundaries Account


  • Pricing

  • Choose GPU vWS

  • Apply Extra resource from Cloud Store

  • Buy your Time: (Invoicing available)

  • Apply User or Extra users


Note: Once the user has completed the subscription process they will receive a mail to access their GPU Workstations.


“We do the rest:”


Business Benefits:


    • Guaranteed Instant Access to Managed 3D Graphics Virtual Workstation Via a Subscription 24/7/365

    • Lower infrastructure costs by superseding high-end desktop workstations with mobile GPU virtual accelerated workstations.

    • Dedicated GPU cards Per Users; “Accessing all them CUDA horses”

    • Have the assurance a GPU Virtual WS will always be available as part of your subscription

    • All the essentials are BUNDLED as part of the User Subscription

    • Shutdown means Shutdown unless deactivated. (Auto Shutdown in place)

    • Buy you Time up front & carry your time forward for each virtual machine.

    • Scale & Flex Virtual GPU machines to Individuals / Teams & projects needs

    • Replicate extra machines from template

    • Ability to add extra users to share machines



  • An OPEX efficient way of taking control of project costings
  • No annual tie in: “ Month to Month Subscription”
  • Available in the EMEA


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