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16 May, 2020

GPU Continuity made Simple & Flexible for Working Remotely


WHY…. Cloud Graphics Templates Subscription



Let’s get back to the drawing board…!  



If we put our Cloud Graphics Template Subscription side by side with a drawing board, setsquare, 0.3 or 0.5 pencils, Rotary ink pens, ellipse Templates, marker pens , these were tools of the trade for draftsmen and illustrators, graphic designers, architects, engineers and in some cases still used today as the tactile feeling of pen to paper still holds its own.




We now move forward 25 years and a few paradigm shifts in technology to Cloud computing where we have our tools – 3D applications in a Cloud environment. So what if, just like 25 years ago we could have all our tools around us all the time and be able to go back and forth to our drawing board knowing all is in place.



A persistent High Performance Cloud Graphics Workstation running your 3D applications in the cloud is Awesome. But there are times when it’s not always used or even required and due to budgets and costs, may have to be deactivated.


Our industry talks about Collaboration, Productivity, Scalability and Flexibility regularly – these words are really key to working Teams and the business’ profit margins, thus getting the most out of their resources.


Open Boundaries Managed Cloud Graphics Workstation Subscription delivers on all of the above levels, but we wanted to take it a step further and give our customers more flexibility with their subscription. Giving the customer the ability to Upgrade or Downgrade, back and forth from a Graphics Template to a Virtual Graphics Workstation, all done from a click of a button within their Open Boundaries account.


Upgrade or Downgrade Subscription

UpGrade or Downgrade Subscription

Select Subscription



We see from our customers having a Managed Graphics Template in place with all their tools / 3D applications setup and ready to go, delivering all of the key words above. Being able to go back to your drawing board or in this case your graphics template and start work again with a click of a button to upgrade has got to be a Win, Win.


Graphics Template



Graphics Workstation Ready





With one click in your Open Boundaries account you can upgrade and scale as many clones of Graphics Workstations as your team requires from your template, knowing you have all your tools setup ready to go at any point gives anyone peace of mind. A Managed Cloud Graphics Template subscription is your NEW Drawing board.!


GO and see for yourself!




Cloud Graphics Workstation GO!


  • Upgrade & Downgrade of Subscriptions
  • No more loading & setting up of 3D applications on New Virtual Graphics Workstations
  • Graphics Workstation Template ready to scale
  • Stored Graphics Workstation Template within Team account
  • Continuity made simple & flexible



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