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Technical Power Professional

The Technical Power Professional will run quite a lot of demanding 3D CAD applications. Designers create detailed wire frame designs, then render over the top to create walk throughs to show to potential clients.


We envisage Certified ISV trainers providing virtual CAD and BIM training. For the VAR using a virtual class room which allows delegates to be geographically remote – possibly at home – rather than travelling to a dedicated training facility, allowing flexibility in class sizes and for the duration of course.


Moreover it allows hardware savings both on fixed training assets and also on fleets of expensive high spec laptops. A user case would be a VAR of SolidWorks teaching in a variety of locations in the UK on any device.



Industries include ; Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Media, ArcGIS and many more, taking full advantage of the Cuda cores and the Frame Buffer of the NVIDIA Graphics cards.


User Case:


SolidWorks VAR: Keith S.


A SolidWorks (VAR) valued added re-seller evaluated our technology as part of their training delivery – as an alternative to classical training room or on-site delivery – and to add flexibility while reducing costs.


Despite the low bandwidth available in the office several concurrent sessions were delivered with more than adequate performance and user experience, and a further three concurrent sessions at a second site with adequate performance. The CAD / CAM trainers where impressed by the power and performance from the @Citrix & @NVIDIAVIRT technology.



In the below links is real time user feedback from a VAR mentioned above.



Initial Testing Schedule
Testing Schedule
Initial Performance
Multi User Performance Testing



GPUs give all astute users the ability to be flawless and efficient in real time 3D design, Rendering & Modeling



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