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Design & Engineering

Designers & Engineers working in high profile organisations  running demanding, High Performance 3D application software such as below would have always used a powerful desktop workstation.


Now with dedicated & virtual GPU’s, designers can access the Cuda Cores they require when using  on demand GPU virtual Workstations in the Cloud. This enables designers to run CAD, CAM, BIM, Rendering & 3D modeling applications smoothly and remotely on any device.


ISV’s  now certify their  GPU Accelerated Applications  to run modelling, rendering, CAD, CAM, BIM & VFX applications using GPU virtualization technology.


User Case:


Simon B. Revit / BIM
“The IT Manager at a substantial landscape architectural practice with several offices in the UK was looking for a way to mitigate the costs of excess hardware during quiet periods, but to have the flexibility to increase capacity when demand ramped up.”


“Simon was demonstrating our technology to his board of Directors using his iPhone, connected to a projector in order to prove to a potentially skeptical audience that the Revit / BIM software wasn’t loaded on his device. & the User Experience; “It was a really good demo – and a useful tool!”


Get Inspired


Get Inspired & Challange Us by running  your 3D, design applications in an accelerated GPU Cloud.


Blog Iron Age or Future of Work with Green Credentials 27 May, 2019

Our Partners

Here are some of the companies we are
currently working with:
Autodesk Nvidia Citrix