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Open Boundaries is a cloud service business, which enables designers across all market segments to access CAD in the cloud and give greater flexibility to use design software of choice. Working from any location, on any device, in the UK, and ultimately the world.

This extends to a fully tuned Project Platform in the cloud giving all businesses the opportunity to put their own licenses on our virtual vGPU Cloud for their own projects.

Our vision is “Design on Demand"

Quick Quotes

Just a few quick quotes from some of our customers.

"It's great to use a Windows app on my MacBook Air"
"It felt like it was local"
"A very stable platform"

Our POC's

Proof of Concept

Open Boundaries ran a Proof of Concept in December 2013, to see if it was possible to stream CAD from a central location over both WAN and LAN Networks.

To do this, we used the latest technology from Citrix and Nvidia GRID to stream CAD to multiple users, on any device in any location, across large distances.

Our Results and Findings:

The results were amazing thanks to our partners and the awesome power of Citrix and Nvidia GRID technology.

Project Platform

Our Project Platform runs a Citrix and Nvidia GPU engine that comes with loads of power, Standard, but can be tuned to your power users or designers specification. The platform is built for all types of businesses.

Project Platform as a Service

What makes Open Boundaries Project Platform different is that you the customer do not waste your time with itemised infrastructure options, just a fusion of technology for a flat rate per day.

We charge Project Platform on a, per day, per App basis. All we ask is that your project is a minimum length of three weeks, with at least 5 licences of any 2D & 3D application. A standard Project Platform caters for up to 24 Power Users or Designers. This can be Pre – booked for up to 3 month periods and beyond


Standard Project Platform:.

£20.00 Per Day / Per - 2D / 3D App

Five days of free testing once setup

Project Platform Enquiries

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Our Partners

Here are some of the companies we are currently working with.

Citrix Solutions
Cetus Solutions
Peer 1 Hosting

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